Bay Area Integrative Care for Fertility and Perinatal Wellness

Traditional Chinese Medicine paired with Functional Medicine to boost fertility, prepare for implantation, and support a healthy, holistic pregnancy and postpartum.

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When the path ahead is unclear

Maybe your dream has always been to become a parent…but it hasn’t been as easy as you thought it’d be. Or perhaps you don’t know if you can get pregnant at all but you want to be prepared for all the possibilities.

Regardless of your diagnosis, if you’re actually feeling “ready”, or how long you’ve been trying, our mission is to help you understand all the elements of healthy conception and pregnancy, so you can put your best foot forward and know confidently the next steps in your fertility journey.

We support healthy pregnancies and nourished families

We utilize acupuncture and evidence-based, integrative strategies to support healthy pregnancies, nourished families, and a resilient postpartum experience.

Here are our main areas of focus:

Egg and Sperm Health

Acupuncture can increase blood flow to reproductive organs, eggs, and sperm which may result in better fertility outcomes.

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Hormone Balance

Your reproductive health depends on this delicate dance.

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Uterine Health

A healthy uterus is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. In order for implantation and gestation to go well, the uterus must receive micronutrients and proper blood flow.

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The truth of who you are is a body that can heal

You no longer need to wear all the hats as patient, researcher, educator, partner, etc. Let us support you on your fertility journey as we’ve helped hundreds of others. Healthy, intentional conception is a possibility. This is true even when the person has had multiple failed IVF cycles, was told they need donor eggs, or has been told they have unexplained infertility. Our job is to hold onto hope even when you’re unable to.

We’ve witnessed the extraordinary effects of this medicine in folks who are beyond the age of 40 and are able to have a healthy pregnancy. If you’ve recently received a diagnosis of subfertility or infertility, if you’re trying to get pregnant, or using assisted reproductive technology, you may be a great fit for our practice.

Feeling broken in your body stops here. You are a body capable of healing. While we cannot get you pregnant yesterday, our services harness a unique five-point fertility optimization approach to support a safe, healthy, intentional pregnancy.

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