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Fertility Acupuncture
in Oakland

About EBFW

EBFW is an integrative fertility clinic in downtown Oakland. Our specialty is fertility optimization but we actually prefer to say that we specialize in getting you pregnant, keeping you pregnant, getting everyone ready for a safe, healthy, relaxed birth and fortifying the family after baby arrives.

We’re committed to integrative fertility care and communicate with your reproductive endocrinologist, OBGYN, or other providers to assure our treatments are synced up with your care team.

Our Core Values

We utilize acupuncture and evidence-based, integrative strategies to support healthy pregnancies, nourished families, and a resilient postpartum experience.

  • Trust: We trust that your body is capable of healing and that we each have the healing intention as the basis of our relationship.

  • Communication: We prioritize putting you at the center of your treatment plan. This includes communication about the following:

    • Why we chose the treatment.
    • When you can expect to see results, likewise, when we feel you may need to be referred out.
    • An estimation of the resources required to get your body ready for pregnancy. Clarity and preparation are everything. We do our best to communicate the expectation upfront.
  • Safety: We strive to create a safe container for the complexities of the human experience.

We are not therapists but we hold space for uncomfortable conversations and big feelings.

Marny Culpepper, L.Ac.
Marny Culpepper, L.Ac.Founder of East Bay Fertility Wellness
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Convenience, Affordability, and Ease

We realize you’ve got a lot on your plate so we do what we can to keep the process smooth for you and your family. Virtual fertility coaching if you live outside of the area, weekend hours, treatment packages for savings, and dedicated off-street parking. Contact us at (510) 626-0455 for more information about our packages for fertility acupuncture.