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About East Bay
Fertility Wellness

About Us

We offer in-person and virtual preconception, perinatal, and postpartum holistic wellness services, and consulting.

Fertility Acupuncture
in Oakland

EBFW is an integrative fertility clinic in downtown Oakland. Our specialty is in fertility treatment for people with advanced maternal age, PCOS, diminished ovarian reserve, unexplained infertility, and folks who feel like they’ve tried everything to get pregnant, but nothing has worked yet.

We’re committed to integrative fertility care and communicate with your care team to assure our treatments are synced up with your health goals.

Our Core Values

We utilize acupuncture and evidence-based, integrative strategies to support healthy pregnancies, nourished families, and a resilient postpartum experience.

Uncertainty is an integral part of every person’s fertility journey but when you still aren’t pregnant after trying, the unknown can be extraordinarily stressful. Taking the guesswork out of your timeline is one of our skills. Our team is available for you to talk to if you’re unsure what the next step might be.

We prioritize putting you at the center of your treatment plan. This includes communication about the following:

  • Why we chose the treatment.
  • When you can expect to see results, likewise, when we feel you may need to be referred out.
  • An estimation of the resources required to get your body ready for pregnancy. Clarity and preparation are everything. We do our best to communicate the expectation upfront.

It’s no small thing that you’re seeking care and we don’t take that for granted. Our priority for you is a neutral space where you can make the choices you feel are best for yourself and your loved ones. Advice, recommendations, and other forms of support are often warranted but we strive to always check in first to see how you prefer to be supported.

We can help you get out of overwhelm and into clarity. Book your one time, 15-minute fertility consultation.

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