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Fertility Acupuncture Services in Oakland

In Person Services

  • IVF/IUI/Egg Freezing and all phases of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Preparation

  • Preconception Fertility Preparation for folks trying to get pregnant

  • Fertility Treatment for non-binary and LGBTQIA+ folks

  • Male Factor Fertility Treatment and Preparation

  • Prenatal Acupuncture

  • Postpartum Acupuncture

  • Hormone Regulation

  • Menopause Transition

  • Pain Complex

If you’re trying to get pregnant, acupuncture is a proven, evidence-based modality that’s been shown to optimize outcomes of both natural cycles and those using assisted reproductive technologies.

Combining acupuncture with your natural and/or IVF/IUI cycle provides these advantages:

  • Implantation support- acupuncture prepares the uterine lining for receiving the blastocyst with proper nutrients and blood flow.

  • Offset the side effects of medications- ART medication might have uncomfortable side effects as you go through your cycle. Acupuncture helps with the symptoms that are associated with the medications.

  • Pain management- occasionally individuals report pain similar to menstrual cramps during certain ART procedures like transfers and egg retrievals. Acupuncture might reduce the discomfort of these procedures.

  • Maintain a new pregnancy- miscarriages aren’t always inevitable. Acupuncture may support pregnancy by reducing stress and maintaining hormone balance.

  • Stress is a major variable for infertility, especially when it comes to IVF and IUI. Acupuncture can really move the needle for many people when it comes to stress reduction.

If you’re undergoing IVF or ART, your acupuncturist will create a plan with you to assure you get treatment immediately before and immediately after your egg retrieval or embryo transfer.

House Calls and Hospitals

House calls are available upon request for an additional travel fee. Please text or call (510) 626-0455 for immediate service or to get your questions answered.

Hospital visits are available upon request with medical clearance from the attending physician and support staff. Acupuncture is often used for labor induction, comfort measures during prodromal labor, after an embryo transfer, after an egg retrieval, and to support a malpositioned baby.

We can make no guarantees of availability but we welcome inquiries of even the most urgent nature.

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