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At East Bay Fertility Wellness we believe in your body’s ability to get and stay pregnant.


Make your
come true

Maybe your dream has always been to become a parent…but it hasn’t been as easy as you thought it’d be.Or perhaps you don’t know if you can get pregnant at all but you want to be prepared for all the possibilities.Regardless of your diagnosis, if you’re actually feeling “ready”, or how long you’ve been trying, our mission is to help you understand all the elements of healthy conception and pregnancy, so you can put your best foot forward and know confidently the next steps in your fertility journey.

We support healthy pregnancies and
nourished families

We utilize acupuncture and evidence-based, integrative strategies to support healthy pregnancies, nourished families, and a resilient postpartum experience.

Here are our main areas of focus:

  • Egg and sperm health: how can we expect these tiny little swimming warriors to do their jobs without proper nourishment and blood flow?

  • Hormone balance and optimization: your reproductive health depends on this delicate dance.

  • Uterine health: as the future home of your tiny little bean, we assure the best practices for implantation and gestation.

The truth of who you are
is a body that can heal

We know you’re darn good at it but you no longer need to wear all the hats as the patient, the researcher, the educator, and the partner. Let us support you on your journey.Healthy, intentional conception can occur, even if you’ve had multiple failed IVF cycles or you’ve been told you’re infertile and there’s nothing that can be done about it.We believe when you’re not able to. Why? Because we’ve worked with people who were able to get pregnant beyond the age of 40 with a history of multiple losses. We’ve seen periods return after years of amenorrhea. We’ve witnessed an improvement in hormone levels of those patients who were told they’re perimenopausal and should stop trying.

Feeling broken in your own body stops here. Because you see, whether you get pregnant or not, the truth of who you are is a body that can heal. Nope, sorry, we cannot get you pregnant yesterday. However, our services harness a unique three-point fertility optimization approach to support a quick, safe, and healthy pregnancy.

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We’re a brick-and-mortar fertility clinic located in Oakland, Ca servicing the Bay Area of Northern California. We also have a virtual fertility wellness program to help you get and stay pregnant no matter where you’re located. We travel!

Text us directly to receive services at your IVF clinic or home. (510) 626-0455