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Virtual Services

Virtual Services

We provide virtual fertility services via our 6 week Fertility Coaching Experience called

Fertile Energy Method. We are currently accepting founding members and are offering our program for a discounted rate. This program covers nutritional, mental, behavioral, and physiological aspects of fertility treatment from a Traditional and Functional stance. This field of medicine is sometimes called “psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology“. We won’t ask you to say it 10x’s fast… or even once.

Our unique 5 point fertility method is designed for people trying to conceive before opting in for IVF or IUI but it can be used in conjunction with ART as well.

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One 30-minute 1:1 coaching at the start of the program for yourself or yourself and a partner.

Marny will assess the #1 needle-moving action you must commit to in 2023 to gain momentum ushering in your dream baby.


Six 60-minute group coaching sessions, one per week, recordings will be provided.

Get aligned and clear on how 20% of your efforts can yeald 80% greater returns on your fertility efforts.


A non-FaceBook platform to connect with each other in safety, containment, and respect. Here Marny will share science-based recommendations for fertility-optimized meal plans, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle interventions.

You’ll receive unlimited exchanges with Marny directly through the Fertile Energy Method App- included with no additional charges.

Fertile Energy Method

A 5-point fertility method to get pregnant spontaneously
with Marny Culpepper, L.Ac.

Remove Obstacles to Fertility

Certain conditions, foods, and lifestyle choices can impede the blood flow to your uterus, and cause hormone imbalance, or inflammation. We strategically remove the obstacles that may block fertility, supporting your body’s ability to get and stay pregnant. Sometimes medications, surgery, labs, and assisted reproductive technologies are necessary but not always. We teach you how to get clarity on whether or not these interventions are right for your situation.

Access “Healing Zone”

After you get a handle on how your fertility may be blocked in step 1, you’ll get proactive with needle-moving strategies to create deep nervous system balance and restoration. You’ll have a cycle-specific toolbox to support your fertility hormones and increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy, even if you’ve tried all the things before, even if you are overwhelmed, even if you have multiple diagnoses and feel like your body is broken.

Lean into Community

We understand that trying new stuff is hard but there’s medicine in the community. Simply put, there’s magic when we get out of our own way and connect with humans on a similar path. This small, intimate coaching experience creates a container to do exactly that.

Track It

The practice of tracking your data is critical to the process of healing fertility challenges. BBT is definitely important but beyond BBT, the complexity of your human experience needs to live somewhere besides your brain. Our unique approach to tracking will give insight and clarity about your fertility.

Ritualize It

Each cycling person is unique as is each phase of the cycle. In step 5, our final step, you have a personalized plan of action to optimize your fertility and your vitality. Now that you’ve found what works for you and your body, rinse and repeat…